A Serious Sweet Tooth!

Stephanie of Blender Clothing sent in these delicious submissions of a cupcake and a gummy bear, and they were both done at Black Cat Tattoo in Panama City, Florida. It looks like she has a serious sweet tooth! Thanks Stephanie!!!

Candy, Cupcakes

The Ultimate Question: Burger or Pizza Tattoo?

There has been an ongoing battle in the realm of fast food. A battle that has lasted generations. Who reigns supreme in the “best of fast foods”? Is it the Slice of dripping hot pizza, or the mouth-watering burger? It seems like our friend Dyrti Al of Electric Pencil in South Lake Tahoe, CA can’t decide who reigns supreme either, so we featured both his classics side by side. You be the judge and the jury…and hopefully come to the verdict of both guilty of deliciousness. Chow Down!

Fast Food, Pizza

A gal and her cupcake!

joe capiobionco cupcake girl

This is a tattoo that truly breaks the boundaries of deliciousness and surpasses the notions of scrumptious. Everything about this tattoo is top of the line candy-coated goodness, and it comes as no surprise that is was fleshed out by the infamous talent of Joe Capobianco. Known all over the world for his signature “Capo Gal’s” it was only a matter of time before that signature sweetness came over to the cupcake side and left the mark of a master. Can’t wait to see what else he cooks up!

Cupcake Tattoo, Cupcakes, Dessert, Girlie, Girly, Tattoo Artist

Savory Garlic Tattoo!

Garlic has been used throughout history for both culinary and medicinal purposes, but never has one been so awesomely conjured up as this flavorful tattoo by Nick Baxter.

nick baxter garlic clove

Food Tattoo, Garlic Tattoo, Vegetables

Egg and Crossbones Tattoo

Egg and Crossbones Tattoo, originally uploaded by SusieFoodie.

Many thanks to SusieFoodie, the owner of this photo.


Peacock Pin-up Girl sitting on a Cupcake

New Tattoo, originally uploaded by K Von Meow.

Many thanks to K Von Meow, the owner of this photo.

Peacock Pin-up Girl sitting on a Cupcake

(Starting my 1/2 Sleve)


Bacon Double Cheeseburger Tattoo

Many thanks to EvilLittleBlue, the owner of this photo.

Tattoo by Miss Blue.
Infinite Art
3930 Secor Ave.
Toledo, OH 43623

Fast Food, Food

Sugar & Spice Cupcake Crossbones Tattoos

sugar and spice tattoo

What a clever take on the cupcake tattoo. Cupcakes & Crossbones by Artist Conor Blue Eyes.

Cupcakes, Traditional

Peanut Butter and Jellyfish!

Now this is an exotic take on the classic American sandwich. Leave it up to the tasty tattooing skills of our faithful friend Alastair to surprise us once again with with a fantastic foodie tattoo!
Thanks Alastair, keep em’ coming!

Food, Humor

Saccharin Soaked Goodness. Candy Tattoo.

Here is a sweet toothed reader submission from Alastair. This tattoo contains a multitude of saccharin soaked goodness and we are stoked to feature it. What a delicious way to honor the most tastiest of treats! Get a hold of Alastair at Route 9 Tattoo, 247 Worcester Rd. Framingham MA 01701.

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