Peanut Butter and Jellyfish!

Now this is an exotic take on the classic American sandwich. Leave it up to the tasty tattooing skills of our faithful friend Alastair to surprise us once again with with a fantastic foodie tattoo!
Thanks Alastair, keep em’ coming!

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Saccharin Soaked Goodness. Candy Tattoo.

Here is a sweet toothed reader submission from Alastair. This tattoo contains a multitude of saccharin soaked goodness and we are stoked to feature it. What a delicious way to honor the most tastiest of treats! Get a hold of Alastair at Route 9 Tattoo, 247 Worcester Rd. Framingham MA 01701.

Cake, Candy, Cupcakes, Dessert, Girlie

Sweets and such, cupcake tattoos!

Shaun Bonanos from Midlands, UK sent in these flavorful creations and we are delighted to feature them! These are some seriously “sweet treat” tattoos, and I’m stoked to feel the saccharin soaked love from across the pond! Thanks Shaun!


Cupcake Tattoo, Cupcakes, Dessert, Girlie, Girly, Tattoos

Life is Sweet, cupcake tattoo!

Amber sent in this super awesome cupcake tattoo she had done by Alex Hinton @ Good Times in Salt Lake City, and we are glad she did! What a sweet treat!

Cupcake Tattoo, Cupcakes, Tattoos

Triad of Sweetness. Cupcake tattoo!


3 cupcakes tattoo

Jess sent in this awesome set of cupcake triplets by Chad Westmoreland in Kansas City, Mo. We are so thankful to have awesome readers and followers that appreciate savoring the superb sweetness of food to have them forever immortalized on their bodies! You guys rock, and this tattoo is seriously… a triad of sweetness.

Cupcake Tattoo, Cupcakes, Dessert, Tattoos

"Choosy moms choose Jif."

peanut butter, tattoo, jif, jeff ensminger

Jeff Ensminger is a force to be reckoned with in the tattoo world. Here he showcases his talents letting you know why choosy moms choose Jif… because Jif makes a sweet tattoo! Seriously, peanut butter should be a controlled substance at our house, kept locked up and dispensed only with a DEA credential. I’ve put PB on practically everything… let me check… yeah, it can be consumed easily with fruit, vegetables, and seafood. If I got a peanut butter themed tattoo, it would have to be in the form of Man’s Ruin.

jeff ensminger tattoo, peanut butter tattoo

Sacred Reuben Tattoo

Arguably the best sandwich creation known to man, The Reuben sandwich is a sandwich made with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Russian or sometimes Thousand Island dressing, on grilled or toasted rye bread. It’s only appropriate that someone finally flesh out a permanent homage tattoo: introducing the Sacred Reuben tattoo. This gem was tattooed by Erik Russel of 4182 Tattoo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Delicious!

If it’s a lil too sanctimonious for you, and prefer more pedestrian vittles, perhaps a Chicago style hot dog tattoo or a so-good-you-can-taste-it chili dog tat.

Food Tattoo, Funny Tattoo, Sandwich Tattoo

Chili dogs make excellent tattoos

chili dog Nikki Hurtago

I think this chili dog makes me hungrier than the Chicago style dog (no offense, o Broad Shouldered Ones of the Midwest.) This piece of visual lunch art was concocted by the awesomely talented Nikko Hurtado. Always pushing the envelope of the tattoo world, it was great to locate another food-related tattoo that pushes the envelope of the food tattoo world! This one is top notch and makes me rethink that stupid diet I’ve been forcing on myself. One chili dog for lunch, brown rice and lettuce for dinner. Deal, stomach?

chili dog, nikki hurtado, tattoo

Food Tattoos by Russ Abbott

The food pyramid suggests 3-5 servings of vegetables in a day, and 2-4 servings of fruit in a day. I think the wearer of this delectable tattoo has got that covered for a long time. This tattoo was created by the green thumb of the immeasurably talented Russ Abbott.

When you’re ready for desert, Russ has this in his portfolio for you:

Russ works at Ink and Dagger tattoo in Decatur, Georgia, USA.
His portfolio that doesn’t include food is just as amazing, you will drop your jawbone.

cherry pie, food tattoos, russ abbott, tattoo, Vegetables

Basketball Ice Cream cone tattoo

This one’s got us at a loss for words and wraps up a few of the Ice Cream posts. It’s definitely a yummy tattoo, of sorts… An ice cream basketball cone! We’ll let it slide! “Dedicated to sweet hoop sessions, Super Nintendo, and Sweet Claude’s ice cream trips.”- Tattoo by Nick Baxter

ice cream tattoo, nick baxter